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Seen of FB :
“”We fight against modernest boats than our, and it’s not easy ! With an average speed between 16 and 22 knots .”
The arrival of Nicolas and Thimote is estimated on December 2nd at 9pm, they had planned to arrive on November 27th .
For water it is getting complicated ! The brand new dessalinizer it does not work . There are 67 liters of water, and they are halfway through the race. But it’s going to be hot, and water is vital, they have decided to adopt good habits right now, so as not to ration the last days .

Message from the crew :
“ We are in contact with another Class 40. It’s nice to see modern boats around us after 14 days at sea . We are on the attack and in shape for the third round between Cap Vert and Martinique .”

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