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Committees and Work groups

Committees and work groups are set up upon request depending on developments and needs.

Business Committee

Its main objectives are to promote the port community and to define UMEP public relations actions or to plan joint actions with its partners, especially key partners such as GPMH and the GIE HAROPA. It is managed by Nathalie WAGNER (UMEP Administrator).

Education/Training Committee

Its priority tasks are to analyze existing occupations so that existing training courses can always be relevant and, therefore, anticipate needs in order to match the curricula with companies needs. This committee is lead by Karine LEROUX (UMEP Administrator).

Finance Committee

It sets the annual budget draft which the treasurer presents and submits to the Executive Board. It reviews annual accounts, makes sure they are in line with the budget voted and provides advisory opinion on certain exceptional costs (marketing campaigns, projects needing large investments, etc.) It rules on the relevance of financial investments. Treasurer Christophe VANDECASTEELE leads this committee.

Dangerous Goods Committee

Its members propose, in collaboration with the harbor master’s office, the implementation of procedures for the purpose of passing such goods through more easily and rapidly then allow their digital translation. It is lead by Bruno VITALI (UMEP Administrator).

Procedures Committee

It designs facilitation procedures with professional organizations then validates and keeps track of their digital translation with SOGET. It is managed by Jean-Yves FRANCO (UMEP Administrator).

Research & Development Committee

The main objectives of this Commission are to be on standby and to study technological, environmental and innovation developments that may have an impact on the members of the Port Community. It is lead by François LEBRETON (UMEP Administrator).