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  • Goods: careers
    Inland waterways transport organizer
    In a port such as Le Havre, goods come and go aboard ships. To forward...
  • Goods: careers
    Marine insurer
    Working in perfect unison with global trade stakeholders, insurers and brokers are true specialists. As...
  • Goods: careers
    Customs broker
    This term replaced the term ship broker when the latter saw their privilege disappear under...
  • Goods: careers
    Marine surveyor (Expert maritime)
    The Napoleonic code established the corps of commissaires d’avarie (damage commissioners, surveyors). They were the...
  • Goods: careers
    Transport organizer
    The term “transport organizer” relates to several professions: Consolidators group together goods coming from different...
  • Goods: careers
    Customs clearance agent
    As the name suggests, Customs clearance agents are in charge of the Customs clearance of...
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