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1913: foundation of UEMO

1913Foundation of the Union des Employeurs de Main d’Oeuvre (UEMO – Union of companies employing Labor force in the port and the city of LE HAVRE).  Its main purpose was the collective management of labor force. Then the need to include a wider representation of trades at UEMO lead to the incorporation of shipowners, consignees, forwarders, trading, etc.

1970: UEMO becomes UMEP

Transformation into a “Maritime and Port Union” gathering within half of its executive board stevedore companies employing longshoremen and other companies using the port.

1975: creation of a Federation

1975The need to increase the number of members in order to reinforce the representativeness of the federation arose.

It was decided during the Extraordinary General Meeting of 5 May 1975 to reinstate labor force employers into their prerogative to manage welfare funds, a prerogative which had been transferred to UMEP by UMEO in 1970 and new statutes were approved for the transformation of UMEP into a federation of professional Unions.

For that purpose, companies were sorted by section, each representing the main activities of the port:

  • Maritime section
  • Goods section
  • Handling section

UMEP activity was defined in 1975 when the new statutes were established

  • On a professional level: the objective of the association is to act as an intermediary between the main port activities.
  • Its role is to promote business with LE HAVRE port thanks to external actions, published articles, advertising brochures and the monitoring of new traffic in coordination with port authorities and professional associations.

UMEP today

logo_umepIts founding principle: to create the environment likely to attract and ensure the safe and optimized passage of goods through LE HAVRE.

Three colleges:

  • Maritime
  • Goods
  • Handling

The federation is administered by:

  • A Bureau
  • An executive board composed of three colleges (Maritime, Goods, Handling) – 30 administrators

Presidents to date

2021 to this day Hervé BONIS
2015 – 2021 Michel SEGAIN
2012 – 2015
1997 – 2012 Christian LEROUX
1993 – 1997 Jean-Pierre LECOMTE
1989 – 1993 Eric LELOUP
1988 – 1989 Philippe JACOBS
1985 – 1988 Christian HIRON
1977 – 1985 Francis JUNG
1974 – 1977 Daniel COLIN-OLIVIER
1972 – 1974 Camille GENESTAL
1970 – 1972 Jacques THILLARD