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Customs officer

No efficient customs would mean no port. Customs officers are in charge of the protection of the French and European Economic Area against illicit trafficking (counterfeiting, narcotics) and against production that would harm economic stability (duties and taxes collection on some imported products). They also ensure the proper functioning of tax collection. In Le Havre over €3 billion is collected each year in order to supply the national budget. Beyond these functions that are essential for the nation, customs officers are also vital local stakeholders serving the efficiency of the supply chain and of all the links it is made of.

Thanks to its planned and measured approach, it has become a preferred partner for companies. From this excellent collaboration with its officers (over 400 in Le Havre) stems a favorable environment for the proper circulation of goods and mutual trust.

The well-oiled apparatus of the port machine

Curious, open to a changing world, Customs officers are not familiar with day-to-day routine. Port traffic (from food to high-tech) is handled each day within an administration that is particularly open to the most different profiles: from junior school certificate level to engineers, many functions are open throughout a career with the Customs service (transfers, exams). What they have in common? Solid general knowledge and the command of a foreign language.

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