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Freight carrier

In the last few decades the profession of freight carrier has become more and more influenced by technology, increasingly environmentally conscious and feminized. It changes very rapidly and continues to play an essential role in the efficiency of exchanges.

Carriers take goods to the port or ship them to their final destination. They act as the last inland link of the goods transportation chain.

There are also inland waterways or rail carriers.

In France, 80% of the goods transported are entrusted to road carriers. This is a proof of reliability, efficiency and also the demonstration that a truck will always have to be there to take goods to their final destination, even if it is only over the last few kilometers.  The prospect of employment remains very high.

Almost 150 transport companies operate in Le Havre.

Often small, they tend to pool their resources in order to keep operating on a market that proves very competitive at the European level.

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