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Harbor master’s office

Acting as an intermediary between all stakeholders, the harbor master’s office is, in a way, the conductor of ship movements in the port. It is their first contact when they arrive.

From the lookout port officers are in relation with the ship master, coordinate movements and warn service providers when the ship actually arrives so that everyone can be ready to welcome her in the best conditions.

In a commercial port such as Le Havre, the harbor master’s office is the official “home” (such as defined by the Code of maritime ports) of port officers who are civil servants executing numerous missions and representing port authorities or the authority vested with police powers.

Its role is primarily to:

  • Organize the arrival of ships,
  • Manage the movement of ships in the port,
  • Assign berths to ships,
  • Ensure the surveillance and guarantee the safety of port equipments and ships,
  • Organize security

Different services can be found there such as the issue of information to users or sea weather forecast and information reports related to seafaring.

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