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Loading bay supervisor

They organize and implement the logistics plan daily, the necessary human resources, material and technical means while dealing with daily current issues.

Using specific software for stock management has become vital. They may act as managers sometimes, organize and insure safe and orderly reception, dispatch (sorting) and delivery of small parcels operations. They manage a team of handlers.

They must take productivity ratios into account for cost efficiency, deadline keeping, delivery quality and safety reasons.

This profession can be accessed from any educational level (from CAP to vocational baccalaureat via a BEP). In order to become a stock-controller or a loading bay supervisor, several years of experience are necessary. Management positions can be accessed rapidly with a diploma such as a DUT Transport/Logistics. The profession can also be accessed via continuing education.

Source: multiple Internet sources, specialized literature, testimonials (Pratic-Export, Pôle-emploi cards, Wikipedia, Onisep, CNRTL, Umep à la Page, etc.)