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Marine insurer

Working in perfect unison with global trade stakeholders, insurers and brokers are true specialists. As trusted partners they propose custom made insurance products for ever-evolving specific professions.

The world of transport and logistics mobilizes impressive means and invests massive capital: just think about the enormous amount of goods carried by road, sea, inland waterways or by plane across the world; but also consider the amount of ships, vehicles, warehouses necessary to their transit and to make them available in the most suitable manner.

From the initial cover of maritime risk in which they specialized, Le Havre insurers and marine insurance brokers now offer their expertise to the whole supply chain: shipowners, road or waterways haulers, brokers, import and export stakeholders today represent many different profiles intervening at any level of a chain which itself proves international.

A very active and powerful center developed in Le Havre with the expertise of insuring logistics professions: a great global company; 5 specialized brokers also acting for local, national or global clients and about fifty other agents make Le Havre a stronghold of marine insurance.

In a world in which exchanges are more and more subject to contracts, legal responsibility is very subtly segmented; the role of insurers and brokers has become essential for logistics operators whose field of action is multifaceted (i.e. wider and wider): consulting and customer support to assist continuing growth have now become part of the insurers’ and brokers’ mission.

Insurers, for the subscription of more and more specific and accurate products that meet custom made requirements and ever changing issues, use the help of technical sales agents who know their customers’ professions well. Claims managers are legally trained. Brokers also use the help of lawyers specialized in transport law (a special course is taught at Le Havre University) as well as transport specialists: continuing education is an asset. Other bachelor profiles (always with a solid transport law background) or sales agents are also wanted. These professions represent close to 500 direct jobs in Le Havre and experience solid growth.

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