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Seen of FB :

Sailing, is also technology :

“We need electricity to make the computer working, the GPS, the satellite antenna, the ballast pump…

There are three batteries on board : a small specific to start the engine and 2 slow discharge batteries.

We must recharge these batteries every day. To do this, we have 3 energy sources : the diesel engine with an alternator, solar panels, and a hydro generator. Each of its sources has its advantages and disadvantages. We sail 2 hours of motor a day and a little more if the weather is not nice and less if it’s sunny.”

Approximate of arrival, Thimoté recounts his first transatlantic :

The crossing “It’s going pretty well, the weather is nice and warm! Our boat is less recent than many other. We are going a little slower, but we are defending ourselves.” 

Cohabitation “We take turns regularly. Finally, we pass our time crossing paths, but we still take advantage of the moments of transition to exchange.”

Arrival “If everything goes the way we think, we hope to cross the finish line on Thursday (21.12.02).”

Difficulties “I think it’s the management of emotions. It’s not always easy to stay calm in tricky moments.”

Other projects “At the end of December or early January, I would make a nice announcement.”


To find out, visit Nicolas and Thimote’s Facebook and LinkedIn pages