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Port arrival

Presentation of port services:
Ship service: a quartet working 24/7

They are an intermediary between seafaring and docking. Without them, it would be impossible to stopover in proper safety conditions and with the efficiency necessary to the protection of ships, crews and port infrastructure. A key quartet!

Port authorities, pilots, marine towing companies and boatmen are the four essential links of any successful ship stopover.

Interacting perfectly with each other, they act in order to execute the nautical part of the large chain of skills allowing the flow of goods to route safely through Le Havre. More than mere work tools, ships become for them a passion.

Working at sea and serving 365 days a year, 24/7, the port master’s office officers, pilots, towing agents and boatmen work in perfect synergy in Le Havre or Antifer where large oil tankers dock. Together, they make each passage of a ship safer, more efficient and faster. A true asset for the Le Havre port in comparison to its competitors!

In Le Havre, these service providers represent over 750 employees.

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