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Customs broker

Customs brokers prepare the administrative documents which make it possible for transport companies to export or import their goods. They have a duty to advise their clients. They play the role of intermediary between the latter and Customs authorities. In order to practice their trade they must hold a license delivered by Customs authorities.

Customs brokers must forward to that institution all the documents necessary to the creation of a file (invoices, various declarations, etc.).

Once they have ensured the file was consistent enough they sign coded documents which they then forward to Customs authorities. They sometimes go on site and check the nature of the goods transported.

It is possible to become a Customs broker after training from BEP to bachelor level, preferably in transport related subjects and, from time to time, with a Bachelor or Masters degree in Law.

This profession requires an excellent knowledge of texts related to Customs regulations, transit techniques and a very good command of the English language (professional terminology).

Their career first starts as deputy broker before qualifying as a full-fledged broker. One may then advance towards team management.

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