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Customs clearance agent

As the name suggests, Customs clearance agents are in charge of the Customs clearance of goods (import and export). They act as intermediaries between the client’s transit and accounting departments and Customs authorities.

They must be authorized by French Customs (mandate).

They state the amount of duties and taxes and forward all required information about the goods to Customs authorities. They check the regulatory compliance of the documents provided by the client, sign the file once processed and forward it to the Customs authorities.

In some cases, especially when Customs require it, agents control goods themselves.

Customs clearance agents hold a bachelor degree with a transport and logistics specialization at a minimum and shall prove thorough, organized and show determination and diplomacy. They shall also be able to handle stress well. A very good command of a foreign language, English most of the time, is mandatory. Customs clearance agents shall know  Customs regulations and transit techniques (import and export) perfectly well.

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