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Logistician – Logistics manager

Warehouses are not only used for the storage of goods. The latter are often consolidated, modified or transformed before they are finally entrusted to transporters who will take them to the final consignee.

In Le Havre, the world of storage reflects the diversity of the professions that compose the logistical chain. The platforms that massively developed in the suburbs of the town and in the harbor area in the last few years are proof of the vitality of a sector that is intricately related to the growth of the volume of goods transiting through Le Havre.

Storage only or freight forwarders/road transport warehouses: over 1 000 000 moffer the ability to receive goods which, often, will be prepared on that occasion depending on their final use: sorting of products according to their destination, spare parts assembly, customization with stickers, packaging and packing, quality control, etc. are various operations that add value to the stored products.

“Checking the conformity to safety regulations of toys that will be proposed for Christmas or sorting batches of luxury perfumes or goods: each container we receive is unique” explains an operator.

Technology have now reached warehouses for quite a few years: bar code scanning, storage room management systems, software controlling quantity and the type of goods stored, traceability tools, etc.

Today, operators perform tasks which require a lot of thoroughness. Each type of product requires different technical skills: furniture, alcohol, dangerous goods, perishable products (food), etc. The more Le Havre harbor welcomes ships, the more the volume of goods forwarded towards logistical platforms increases and the more employment increases.

Logisticians are in charge of designing methods, means and procedures that will make ti possible to optimize and coordinate the whole activity of the company.

They manage storing, storage, packing, handling and the transport of goods while improving continuously the processes involved in order to reduce cost.

They also have to ensure that procedures and health and safety rules are respected while keeping in mind that customer satisfaction and products conservation shall be a priority.

They must be able to coordinate the activities of other managers such as those working in warehouses, buyers and transport managers or those in charge of workshop production scheduling.

In Le Havre logistics and distribution generate over 3000 direct jobs. These professions recruit very specific profiles. Positions can be accessed from baccalaureat level but also from bachelor degrees (BTS transport and logistics type) or even higher in the case of management profiles. In Le Havre, several initial training curricula or continuing education programs prepare candidates to jobs in the warehouses which prove to be a true source of added value for the logistical local chain.

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